Neogence 120x90
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[Neogence 霓淨思] 新推出音波淨化潔膚儀MiLLi3,媲美專櫃品牌洗臉機的效能!!!
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BELINDAAA - [BOBBI BROWN 芭比波朗] 流雲極細防水眼線膠筆

Can't really compare this to the proper gel eyeliner...

I wanted to buy this because I was going for a trip. As it is a 'gel pencil' and for its price, I expected it to be long lasting, smooth and smudge proof. However, I was kinda disappointed after I bought it.

I first tried it at the counter, the SA helped me to put on the eyeliner with the gel pencil.
I WAS AMAZED. It was so nice and it actually defined my eye shape very well. So I just bought it.

BUT when I tried it at home. It turns out to be another story.
Since the pencil is so soft, it get blunt so quickly. So I used the sharpener included. BUT IT WAS JUST TOO SOFT, THE LEAD BROKE. I WAS SO SHOCKED. And because it gets blunt so easily, the eyeliner is always thick on my eyes. And it does not really give a smooth line. I need to do it in a few stroke to give a nice line.

After 8 hours with full eye make up(with eye primer), I could see the eyeliner is smudged up a bit under my eye.

The thing I like the most about this eyeliner is how black it is even the colour I got is CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE. And it really defined my eyes very nicely. making your eyes STAND OUT. At this point, I didn't realized it when I drew my eyeliner with the gel eyeliner.

Overall, this eyeliner is not too bad, but it does not as good either. I was kinda regret to get this eyeliner because I could get a better one like the GA WP eyeliner or the NARS eyeliner for almost the same price.