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[Neogence 霓淨思] 新推出音波淨化潔膚儀MiLLi3,媲美專櫃品牌洗臉機的效能!!!
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水晶糖衣 - [JILL STUART] 霓光愛戀顏彩盤

This is the package of a layer brush compact from 2014 Jill Stuart limited fall makeup collection

The packaging is very pretty with those black laces pattern

It feels so elegant

The case is a gorgeous black grey color

I just love this mysterious jewelry feel

It's worth to collect

There's a grey crystal from swarovski

It's different from the normal one which is in pink

It makes the whole brush compact so sophisticated

This layer brush compact has more shimmer than all the mix brush compacts from Jill Stuart

It's shimmery without too sparkle

I'm in love with this pretty pink blush

The white carvings will discharge after first use

I wanna took this photo to commemorate the appearance of this glamorous palette when I am not start to use it

 150x150 336223 w 150xh 150xfar cxup
2014-08-28 15:55