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水晶糖衣 - [Hada-Labo 肌研] 極潤保濕美容液

I love many of skincare products from hada labo

My skin is so dry recently so I want to buy a beauty essence that will bring me a great
moisturizing effect

Base on the great effect from hada labo

I bought thehyaluronic acid serum from hada labo

Unfortunately, I felt a little bit disappointed when first time I tried it because it's
quite sticky

Maybe the high concentration of hyaluronic acid makes the
texture of this essence so thick

The texture is in between cream and

Luckily, when I patted my face with patience

I found that the absorption ability of this beauty essence can be improved a

So finally I found that it's a good product for someone who really
looking for a moisturizing serum which is very affordable especially who have dry skin

This serum could really nourish my skin

But I would like to
try another moisturizing serum after I have used up this beauty essence