Neogence 120x90
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[Neogence 霓淨思] 新推出音波淨化潔膚儀MiLLi3,媲美專櫃品牌洗臉機的效能!!!
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水晶糖衣 - [LANEIGE 蘭芝] 莓果優格活顏去角質

The smell of this peeling product is really good

it smell likes fresh strawberries yogurt

I felt I'm really enjoyed a yummy dessert when I used it

It could effectively remove my dead skin cells without caused skin damage

Although this product is related to physical peeling

Based on numerous really small particles with rich creamy texture

When massaged on my face

it felts really comfortable and never irritate my skin

After peeling, the residue of products can be rinsed off easily

What's left is fresh feels

I really like this product

it's the best peeling product that I had ever met

效果:會回購、清爽、明亮. 透亮、好上手、質地細緻、易沖淨