Neogence 120x90
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[Neogence 霓淨思] 新推出音波淨化潔膚儀MiLLi3,媲美專櫃品牌洗臉機的效能!!!
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水晶糖衣 - [L`OREAL PARiS 巴黎萊雅] 水清新抗油光冰感保濕凝露

It's a quite good product for oily skin users for summer

it was very light without stickiness

Fresh mint feels really snugged my skin

I love the cooling effect

The oil control effect can be lasted about 2-3 hours

The main problem was the moisturizing effect of this product was too achy

Last but not least, there's high dose of fragrances that I antipathetic with it

During cold weather, this product is totally not enough for me for acted as a moisturizer